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Our Team

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves to establish the vision and mission of the Center for Reconciliation, provide oversight, support the Center’s staff and volunteers, and assist in raising funds.

  • Rt. Reverend W. Nicholas Knisely, Chair & President
  • Rev. Dr. David A. Ames, Vice-Chair, pro tem
  • James DeWolf Perry, Secretary
  • Robert P. Naparstek, M.D., Treasurer
  • Imam Farid Ansari
  • Princess Sirleaf Bomba
  • Rev. Patrick Campbell
  • Hon. Edward C. Clifton
    • Rev. Canon Michael Horvath
    • Ferdinand Jones, PhD
    • Rev. Nathan Humphrey
    • Rabbi Sarah Mack
    • Rev. Dr. Jeffrey A. Williams
    • Joseph Wilson, Jr.


    The Center for Reconciliation staff manage the daily operations of the Center, plan public programs and exhibitions, and build partnerships with community organizations with the support of the Center’s team of volunteers.

    To contact the Center for Reconciliation, call 401.383.8035 or email


    We are currently in a period of transition, and anticipate bringing new staff on board in 2022.