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Center for Reconciliation

The Center for Reconciliation is funded by the contributions of those who participate in our programs and by those who support our work. We appreciate your support. You can:

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  • Send a check to the Center for Reconciliation, 275 North Main Street, Providence, RI 02903.
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Cathedral Preservation Fund

The future home of the Center is the Cathedral of St. John. The first phase of renovation is now underway and will create an exhibit and performance space in the undercroft of the Cathedral. This space will be the home of the permanent museum exhibits documenting the history of slavery and the slave trade in Rhode Island and highlighting the role of the faith community, especially the Episcopal’s Church’s involvement in both supporting and abolishing slavery, the slave trade and its legacies. The center floor space will provide exhibition space, especially for black artists and works that speak to race relations and reconciliation. It will also be the place for performances, lectures and events that inform, inspire and engage people in the work of reconciliation. The goal is to open this first space to the public in 2017. Your contributions will help make this possible. You can:

  • Make an online donation by clicking HERE to go to the donation page and choosing the Cathedral Preservation Fund.
  • Send a donation to: The Cathedral Preservation Fund c/o the Episcopal Diocese of Rhode Island, 275 North Main Street, Providence, RI. Funds donated to the Cathedral Preservation Fund are tax deductible.
  • You can also donate stock. Contact for instructions on how to donate stock.