The Center for Reconciliation offers a variety of programs and events that create spaces for learning, sharing and discussing America’s deeply intertwined legacies of slavery and the creation of race.

Slavery Walking Tours

One of our most popular program is the Slavery Walking Tour of College Hill. The tour includes an exclusive “behind the scenes” look inside four local historic sites and a talk about the history of the College Hill area. For more information, click HERE.

The Art of Race

One-time, temporary exhibits explore slavery, the slave trade, racial identity and reconciliation through the RISD Museum’s extensive collection of art and artifacts. This event is part of the Providence Gallery Night and engages participants with artists, historians and CFR representative. Learn more HERE.


We are designing a museum or exhibit hall, to be based in the Cathedral of St. John, dedicated to interpreting the history of slavery and the slave trade in Rhode Island, including the role of the Episcopal Church in this history. For more information, click HERE.

Speaker Series and Events

The Center offers a variety of events and speakers to explore the history of slavery, the slave trade and its legacies. These presentations are often in collaboration with or hosted by one of our partners or an organization that shares our mission. Check our Events page for current offerings.

Book Groups and Film Screenings

The Center curates a list of books and films that help challenge myths and introduce people to the reality about slavery, the slave trade and it legacies. We have trained facilitators who can help a group engage in meaningful conversation around a book or film. We also offer facilitator training.  To learn more click HERE, find book and film lists on our Resource page or email if you are planning an event.

Cemetery Project

The Cemetery Project is working with Scout groups and other volunteers to find and map slave graves. In some cases this includes cleaning up the area; in other cases it is helping visitors find the graves with plans for Cemetery Tours in the warmer weather. To learn more, click HERE.

Worship and Spirituality

Church Beyond the Walls is a congregation of homed and homeless who worship in the park. Other spiritual experiences are envisioned. To learn more, click HERE.