Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors are listed to the right with short biographies below. They establish the vision and mission of the Center, provide oversight management, establish policies and procedures, support the staff and volunteers and assist in raising funds.

Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee is the core team of people who actually make things happen! They facilitate programs, lead projects, raise money, network with individuals and agencies, and do a host of basic administrative and logistical work that makes the CFR run smoothly.

  • Delbert C. Glover (2017)
  • Janice Grinnell (2017)
  • David Ames (2018)
  • Ferdinand Jones (2018)
  • B. Anthony Bogues (2019)
  • C. Morgan Grefe (2019)
  • Jeffrey A. Williams (2019)
  • James DeWolf Perry (2020)
  • W. Nicholas Knisely,          Chair & President
  • W. David Dobbins (2019),      Vice-Chair
  • Robert Batchelor, Treasurer
  • David Ames (Convener)
  • Pam McDonald
  • Ann Hamm
  • Delbert C. Glover
  • Joanne Pope Melish
  • James DeWolf Perry
  • Jonathan Shay
  • Ricky Brightman
  • Brett Herzog
  • Karen Weavill,   Development Director
  • Elon Cook,  Program Director, Museum Curator
  • Linda L. Grenz, Canon to the Ordinary

Staff and Management Team

Elon Cook

Program Director
and Museum Curator

Karen Weavill

Director of Development
of the Diocese of Rhode Island

Linda L. Grenz

Canon to the Ordinary
(provides oversight on behalf of the bishop)


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