CFR offers College Hill and the International Slave Trade Walking Tour

The Center for Reconciliation (CFR) will offer a College Hill and the International Slave Trade Walking Tour from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. on July 14.

One of our most popular program is the Slavery Walking Tour of College Hill. The tour includes an exclusive “behind the scenes” look inside four local historic sites and a talk about the history of the College Hill area.

Step into the roles of ship captains, candle makers, free black home owners, church bishops, insurance dealers, students, housewives, Quaker slave owners and Quaker abolitionists, enslaved Ghanaians and indentured Irish. Take a hike through history and discover how College Hill created its wealth and stability and helped lay the foundation for race relations in the state via human trafficking and forced labor.

The United States is once again struggling through a national conversation about race. A discussion made more difficult by how little most of know about our own country’s history of slavery. Rhode Island may be the smallest state, but nearly everyone from its wealthiest early citizens to its most recent antebellum immigrants helped the Ocean State become the US’s largest contributor to the international slave trade. Join the Center for Reconciliation as we discuss the complicity and resistance from a variety of viewpoints.

Tour Stops: John Brown House, John Carter Brown Library, University Hall, Stephen Hopkins House, Cathedral of St. John’s Cemetery, and the Cathedral of St. John’s. $20/person. Discounted group tours of 10+ available; contact