The Center for Reconciliation (CFR) is a faith-based non-profit organization founded by the Diocese of Rhode Island as an expression of the Episcopal Church’s commitment to racial reconciliation. As a program of the Diocese we are engaged in reaching out through our churches, and in partnership with others committed to this work, to offer and support efforts that lead to social justice, racial equality, and racial reconciliation.

Our Initial Goals

  • Engage individuals and churches in working for racial equality and social justice through CFR and our partner agencies.
  • Establish a History Museum at the Cathedral of St. John in Providence dedicated to interpreting the history of Slavery and the Slave Trade as a formative influence in the culture of the Episcopal Church and Rhode Island.
  • Equip individuals and groups to identify, confront and work to overcome the consequences of this history in their lives so that they might be better advocates for racial equality and justice.
  • Build partnerships for social change with organizations and institutions dedicated to racial equity and justice.

Our Initial Activities

To build a team of individuals and parishes that are engaged with CFR and its mission in Rhode Island by:

    • Working to establish a museum to enable people to learn about Rhode Island’s history of slavery, the slave trade and “race.”
    • Learning at CFR to be facilitators of conversations that advance Racial Reconciliation.
    • Providing education, guidance and support for those who wish to become advocates for racial equality, justice and reconciliation.
    • Advocating in collaboration with our partner organizations to address the inequities and injustices of race in our culture.

To establish partnerships with agencies and groups advocating for racial understanding, justice and equality in Rhode Island by serve as a:

    • Catalyst: to invite other agencies and organizations to participate in designing presentations, programs and educational events that we initiate
    • Convener: Bringing agencies and individuals together to initiate common ventures to promote racial understanding and justice in Rhode Island, and to identify potential partnerships
    • Collaborator: Co-sponsor events that have been initiated with identified partners of CFR.